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Economic transition from the industrial revolution to a connection economy is the topic of this business TV Show with Keith Coats.

Economic transition though technology

Ralph Jenson talks about various economies through which we’ve transitioned, it’s a very general, very broad framework but it’s really good to help us understand our current context, ‘cause leadership is always context-specific.  So, very quickly, he talks about the hunter-gatherer era, it was an economy in which there was competitive advantage that was forged through a sense of focus.

The interesting thing in the story is that technology is the disruption, so technology changes the rules of the game.  In this particular case the technology that did that, the plough, the ability to harness animals, so we moved into the agrarian society.  From there we moved into the industrial era.  So each of these are economies in which we look at what created a competitive advantage.

The industrial era is interesting because competitive advantage in this particular set of circumstances was created through business efficiencies, that’s where the science of management was birthed.  Frederick Taylor and others – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  So the legacy of that era remains today.

I still meet companies and leaders who think that their competitive advantage will be forged through greater business efficiency.  Business efficiency is a hygiene factor now.  So, we moved from then to what was called the information-based economy, where it was how we utilised data and from there we moved into the connection economy.

Connected Economy TV is very interested in theories about economic transition and we are adding more videos daily.

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