Digital channels should be exploited

Author: Simon Vincent, James Kirk

Categories: Customer Engagement, Digital Strategy, Social
Tags: communication, consumers, facebook, Twitter
Digital channels can be used to a businesses advantage. Simon Vincent discusses online communication in the hotel sector.

Embracing new digital channels

You have to embrace the technological advances. I think as a whole the hotel sector has been relatively slow to adopt the online platforms. But I think they're growing immeasurably and I think you have got to embrace and you've got to exploit and we are working both with third party partners and very hard on our own technological developments. We embrace new channels, we are working very hard on things like Facebook and Twitter and all the new social media. That is the way of life now and hotel companies have got to embrace that, that's how consumers of the future want to communicate and be communicated with. So we're embracing it, we are investing in it and if you ignore it you ignore it at your peril.

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