Evolving understanding of the future of retail

Author: Robin Bevan

Categories: Future of Retail
Tags: Javelin Group
Robin Bevan: "It opens our eyes and gives us opportunities to think about different twists on the things that we already know.  So it’s about evolving and understanding that for example, if we’re advising a shopping centre developer about space usage within their shopping centre, and again our traditional approach will be about understanding how much space you need for different types of retail.  It’s also about how understanding the new technologies might completely change the way in which shopping centres can present propositions to their customers, so whether that’s through augmented reality, so putting a store in a space where it doesn’t actually exist or whether it’s through very proactive in situ promotional activities.  All of these things give a different twist on what’s the right mix to present to consumers, but also through which channels.  So from my personal perspective, recognising that shopping centres are themselves multichannel and are not just about the physical shops that they’re offering, but are also increasingly going to be about multilayered communications with their customers and with their tenants.  That for me is an important learning and insight that gives us some question marks to go and challenge our own thinking about as well."
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