From marketing communications to marketing connection

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Categories: Future of Retail
Tags: Portland Design Associates Ltd
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "If we’re talking about two/three year’s time, then this idea of merchandise to mementos is very key.  I think not only is retail changing and being turned upside down, so is marketing.  Everything I’ve learnt as a marketing student is now irrelevant, it’s completely irrelevant.  The idea of messaging, the idea of communication, the whole idea of marketing communications where brands talk to or at customers, it seems like so last century, is as I said in the presentation, it’s a shift from marketing communications to marketing connection.  It’s taking that message and turning it into something that creates emotional connection, has an element of entertainment of engagement, but very importantly has an ability to share.  So connection is about, or connectedness is about taking a message, we’re creating entertainment and allowing it to be shared, ideas that are shared, that’s what the future of branding is about and the future of marketing and therefore the future of retail."
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