Genuine multi-channel retail in the UK market

Author: Robin Bevan

Categories: OmniChannel
Tags: Javelin Group, John Lewis
Robin Bevan: "I think something like the top seven or eight retailers online, if you add together their sales, and these are the store based retailers, they represent about 30% of the sales that are going through online channels at the moment in the UK.  So businesses like John Lewis for example, are being, very much leading the way there.  So because the UK’s developed in that way, it means that UK retail is all about multichannel - genuine multichannel because it’s in the interest of the store based retailers to make sure that the interplay and the interface between their store channel and their non-store channels are optimised to help each channel benefit from the driving force that the other channel gives the business.  The applications that help people use facilities like click and collect for example, as a simple example, that that’s very much about driving one channel to help another channel complete a purchase.  The development of this market is very much about consumers going on purchase journeys which might touch upon several different channels as part of the same purchase journey."  
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