Governments don’t understand scope of disruption

Author: Erik Brynjolfsson, James Kirk (

Categories: digital prosperity
I think there's a real question whether or not the politicians or government are going to understand the scope of the problems that we're facing, let alone come up with the right sets of solutions. Our political system, most of the political systems in advanced countries, they start with democracy and that means that the governments are ultimately responsive to the people.  In the United States, there are angry people in the Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street, that see that the median worker isn't getting a growing share.  Now, some of them point to corruption in Washington, or evil-doers on Wall Street.  We don't think that those kinds of villains are really the main drivers of these changes.  We look at some deeper forces in technology.  Once we recognise those, I think that we could have a political class take the kinds of action in terms of education, entrepreneurship, tax policy, that could lead to shared prosperity. But I think that there's no guarantee that we will achieve that, it's going to require some real concerted effort, starting with the diagnosis, and ultimately leading to some better prescriptions.  
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