How consumerisation drives industry disruption

Author: Daniel Wakeman, James Kirk (

Categories: disruption, next gen consumerization
Consumer trends, well the consumer trends that are impacting ETS at the moment of course are the bring your own device.  Not just for the company, but for education as a whole.  I mean, if you go on campus, you will see every kid has a computing device.  That's starting to happen in K-12 as well.  All the way down to kindergarten. So as kids have devices, and they're bringing them to school, we need to take advantage of that.  Because the schools can't afford to give everyone a device, so the schools are recognising this, and the schools are embracing the bring your own phenomenon because they need to get to college and into the hands of students so they can change the way they run their schools.  So they can bring advanced learning, get rid of the big heavy backpack, bring new textbooks that are always up to date.  Do assessment on the fly in real time.  You know, we could change education with the introduction of technology just as retail chains with the introduction of the supply chain, just as all other industries have seen massive changes. Education has lagged behind, but I think that's about to change.
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