How do consumers use digital?

Author: David Walker

Categories: Online Shopping, Social
Tags: Amazon, Ebay, Incite
David Walker: "Consumers are going to be pretty savvy to it but if you look at the Internet and you look at someone’s history, they’re probably only gravitating to two or three or four trusted Internet brands that have got some self-regulatory environment going on.  We see it in You Tube, being a really heavily-used source for purchases now and you think, well, You Tube’s a video kind of thing but, you know, people are showing the products in real situations, experiencing them there, you know, and it’s a trusted, regulated, policed environment, so people are using that quite heavily.  Similarly, Amazon, the big online retailers are more successful – Ebay, these kind of places, where they’ve got some regulatory terms and conditions contract as a brand with the consumer."  
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