How Enterprise IT lost its monopoly to consumer culture

Author: Kirt Mead, James Kirk (

Categories: strategic IT
The fundamental shift is that we have moved from a model where the company did everything itself and operating inside out towards the customer, pushed services and products towards the customer to the model where a great many of those activities are outside in, they are delivered outside in to the company and the company itself in fact is now confronting a customer who is more active and more engaged and less willing to be marketed passively than in the past so the Outside-In dimension also includes  the customer in important ways and so the entire landscape is transformed and what it means for central IT or enterprise IT is that they no longer have a monopoly on IT within the company.  Most of the services or if not most then at least the new services are being delivered directly to users or business users through the cloud and not through central IT, so central IT has lost its monopoly and the business or business users are now increasingly interested in sourcing IT services from outside and not from central IT and they do this because these new services are really very similar in style to the consumer IT they all have at home.  That consumer IT is universally seen as better and more user friendly and higher quality than the services that people get from enterprise IT at the office and so what has happened is the consumer model is taking over the IT culture really inside the firm.  
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