How the mapping process works

Author: Simon Wardley, James Kirk (

Categories: mapping and strategic plays
It is very simple I can come in and show and spend a day with you ding a workshop, teaching you how to map and then I walk away.  The key thing about mapping an environment is the only people who can map an environment are actually those who are playing the game within the business.  So it’s not a consultancy gig where you say can you come and map my environment for you etc.  You have to unfortunately do it yourself, it is like playing a game of chess, I can show you the techniques but you have to draw the board and you have to play the game.  But that’s what I do I come and do a workshop.  The first day workshop is the about how to map it and the second one is more about the generic strategic game play.  And of course you then have to apply that to your own industry.  Mapping does not take away thought unfortunately you still have to think about how to play the game.  But at least it shows you the board.
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