How to bring massive store footprints into city centre?

Author: Karolin Forsling

Categories: Customer Engagement, Future of Retail
Tags: AMF fastigheter, IKEA
Karolin Forsling: "We have a project now that we are just in the first phase, that is so central, where there’s so many people in the central part of Stockholm, that we’re actually looking at.  Can we do an online and digital world in reality, for big brands that haven’t the space or can’t have the space in the kind of cities, but wants to come in, like IKEA or like a huge store that you found out on a field somewhere because they are huge big boxy store.  And they want to have about 100 square metres and do it like a live shop.  And you can take your food or your living room or something and you can just put it on this site, then go to work before meeting when you have lunch and you click on it and it all comes back to your home when you want it.  So we are investigating together with some retailers and seeing how can we do this actually, how, and not why anymore and see about.  We have to.  We know we have to, and few have done it actually.  And now we are like trying us together with the retailers.  And I think the retailers have not come so far in this area.  They talk about it, but when you actually get their hands on their heart, they aren’t there yet.  They don’t know how to do it.  And I think there’s an opportunity for a landlord or a developer to be a part of it, to understand it, because the rent as well will be apart from retailing, the turnover, so how can we do it."
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