HR2.0 Case Study – Rocketfuel saves $300K

Author: Steve Hutson, James Kirk (

Categories: hr2.0
Of course. Rocket Fuel are an advertising technology platform, so they're involved in doing digital advertising. My project with them was to find 60 talent for them to come and join their company. So the HR director made us the talent director function, so we were able to find - in the process of finding - 60 people. Now normally they will be just like focussing on tech and that'll be it, but in this particular case, it as was lawyers, it was accounts payable, it was sales managers, it was account managers, including media analysts and tech people. So the fantastic way of working for this was, we were then able to create referral networks for them, so then we attracted loads of different people from their own internal teams and friends to come and join them. We actually reduced the recruitment agency bill by 70%, so they made savings of around $300,000, which was quite amazing.  We were able to create new networks by promoting the brand using social media campaigns, Twitter and also building real business relationships with people like Holt Business School for instance. And we were able to contract more people for them as well. More importantly as the talent director, you're able to go out and promote the company, so when Jobvite, which I mentioned earlier about having that content management, they were getting about 10 CV's a week, within a period of 6 weeks, that went up to over 50, and that's how powerful this could be for people.  
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