HR2.0 – disruption in staffing

Author: Steve Hutson, James Kirk (

Categories: hr2.0
HR 2.0 is about finding out the new way of how disruption in technology companies and how HR are actually coping with that. Through the research that we're doing so far, that we've discovered that actually HR are going through this massive disruption themselves. Whereas before it was very much about legal business and finding employees for the company, they've over the years have realised the legal and the business side of things has been too predominant over them, so the recruitment function for a lot of HR companies right now has become dysfunctional. So it's causing this kind of dysfunctional relationships with line managers and actually were attracting talent themselves. Then to add to the complexity of all that we have social media and all the other technology, which is kind of taken it away from HR process. HR 2.0 is about identifying the problems and not having a, So what? It's about here's some solutions to that as well and we've got some cool case studies of what we've been  working on to do that for everybody.  
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