Information management strategy: “decision-making packages”

Author: Ed Fuller, James Kirk

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics
Tags: big data, data, decison making, information, Marriot, Marriot rewards
A strong information management strategy is important in a business environment that produces such incredible amounts of data. Ed Fuller shares his experience in this TV show.

Information management strategy for data overload

Getting data today is not the problem, we have tremendous amounts of data, that is just not the problem. The problem is making sure you can deliver it in a package so that you can make decisions on that data. We have what we call our data warehouse, which is always full. We draw from customer information, we draw from our Marriott rewards, we draw from the various financial results, but we work extremely hard to put this data in to what I call decision making packages that one can digest and therefore try to come up with the best conclusions at the time. So you constantly go back to your data warehouse to research specific issues and the like rather than publishing volumes and volumes of data you try to make it into a decision tree that you can truly make a decision from and that's the challenge of today and the future.

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