Information management strategy for Financial Directors

Author: Sara Daw, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Financial
Tags: financial directors, key performance indicators, KPI
Information management strategy needs to ensure that members of the company have access to the data that they need, whenever they need it. In this video Sara Daw discusses how real time intelligence helps FDs build business.

Information management strategy for accessible data

I think all businesses should have real time information and that is something that technology can bring and it really aids the whole business. The FDs right now are expected to have information at their fingertips and technology can deliver that if used in the right way If you’ve got real time information it means that you don’t have to wait until the end of a cycle to collect all the information, look at it, analyse, interpret it, and then make the decision, which can take a good few weeks after a month end. So it means that you’ve always got the information to date. And if you’ve got specific KPIs in your business - Key Performance Indicators, what it means is that if you know what those are and you’ve got real time access to those, you know daily or by minute how your business is doing. And that really does aid decision-making and keeps up the pace of business. I think that’s the role that technology can play right now in really making a business engine efficient.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around information management strategy. Look out for more TV shows from Sara Daw.      
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