Information management strategy on the fly

Author: Andrew Sangster, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Digital Strategy, Digital Trends
Tags: big data, database, hospitality, relational database
Information management strategy has been revolutionized by "Big Data". In this TV show Andrew Sangster discusses turning expensive data into clever data.

Information management strategy is expensive

The problem with data or to get technical its relational database, is that it is so very fixed rigid. You have lines, addresses and the purchases made. So you will have a relational database for what the guest has done in terms of their booking. You will have one in terms of what they have done when they have gone to a food & beverage outlet. You might have another one in terms of how guests have browsed your website. So it’s all stored in lot of different places, what guests have booked in terms of amenities and you know whether there’s a spa, and it’s all stored in different places and it just doesn’t talk to each other, it’s just sat there, sitting there in this database in a very expensive way actually. These relational databases are very expensive to maintain, they require lot of hardware in terms of the data itself there, the inputting, setting them up and constructing them. Well actually, if you can break them all free and actually get all of those databases talking to each other. I think the evolution now, well revolution actually with big data coming along actually breaking those data bases apart, linking them all together ad actually doing it faster, cheaper on the fly. So what would take days if you had the time and money to it, the getting the databases to talk to each other by traditional routes you can do instantly on the fly now. It is possible to produce very compelling offers now for customers using this data.   Connected Economy TV will continue to bring you expert insight and opinion on information management strategy and the uses and challenges of Big Data.
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