Information management strategy online

Author: Prof. Ian Goldin, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, IT Strategy
Tags: management, training
Information management strategy for business may now include getting outside help and training. in this TV show Ian Goldin  discusses filtering through the data.

Information management strategy changes

I think the increase is so rapid that managements that have been in place for a while just aren't up to speed. And there will be entire industries helping business synthesize the data, presenting it to them in forms which are usable and that the value added. There's a lot to be read in to it but this can be misread. One of the most  dangerous things is trawling the internet because it is absolutely undiscerning between garbage and genius. That's why proper education and training does really matter because that's the filter through which you pass all of this information.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around information management strategy.  
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