IT execs need to operate as peers and consultants within the business

Author: Kirt Mead, James Kirk (

Categories: strategic IT
Well in the past senior IT people were responsible for delivering services that had been contracted by the business and those services were provided to the business, so that is the provider model if you will now in the future the enterprise IT group will no longer be providing all the services, they will be coming mainly from the cloud, mainly from outside and so IT has to earn its value as an advisor really, as a consultant to the business about new technology, about new ideas, about new ways of doing business and so the senior leadership of IT has to become much more a consultant to the business and much less a supplier to the business and that involves moving from the provider model which has been the thrust until now to either a promoter model or you promote technology to the business or a partner model where you partner with the business on business change and value related to technology and finally the most advanced leaders will attempt to be peers.  That is they will wish to sit as peers of the business at the strategy table and discuss threats and opportunities associated with new technologies that may be coming over the horizon but haven’t quite arrived yet so that is the general orientation of IT therefore moves from an orientation of production and delivery to an orientation much more about advice, much more about consulting, much more about thinking out the future and so that whole shift in perspective represents a gigantic culture change for most enterprise IT organisations.
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