IT strategy – Strict control of only vital data

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk

Categories: Business Risk, IT Strategy, Staff
Tags: autonomy, Control, employees, protection, responsibility, technology
IT strategy is important. Every firm has highly sensitive data, applications and systems. In this TV show David Moscella  discusses controlling only the most important aspects.

IT strategy - Protecting your systems

In world we envision in many ways the only thing that will remain closely held internally will be the things that need to be, those highly proprietary systems and data that most need to be protected. And one of the things you see when that is, when you shrink the amount of stuff that it’s really important to protect. You can protect it much better than trying to protect everything which is what a lot of companies are doing now. Trying to protect everything is sort of like trying to control all the conversations your employees have with all their customers and all their partners. In the end you have to trust that the things going on outside on the edges of your organisation are being done responsibly by your employees. So we’ve always not had full control of what’s going on. But this is now just being extended to the use of technology. ___________________________________________________________________ Bookmark Connected Economy TV and look out for more opinions on IT strategy.
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