LEF turning IT innovation into business value

Author: Dan Hushon, James Kirk (

Categories: LEF
From an organisational perspective, I've been working incredibly closely with the LEF.  The LEF actually works as part of my office as the CTO, and actually provides us the three to five to ten year horizon helping CSC to really understand what's in the hearts and minds of our leading customers.  To help us to better address their needs.  So what I'm really hearing out there is that there are a lot of customers who are taking a second thought about how, where do they derive value, how if they're in IT, how do they actually begin to put a business lens on their value to help them really understand, how do they bring innovation out of IT into the business for new and differentiating capabilities. The knock-on effect of that is actually making sure that CSC is really actually learning these value propositions, both from our customers and from the LEF, so we can better respond to the customers' demands.
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