Looking after existing customers

Author: Amanda Ling

Categories: Customer Engagement, Marketing Strategy
Tags: Response One
AMANDA LING: "Once we've recruited the right customer it's critical that we keep those customers. The costs of acquiring a new customer are much higher than those of marketing to an existing customer. So we help our clients to implement retention strategies that analyse customer behaviour and implement campaigns that send relevant and timely communications to keep that customer engaged.

We help our clients to grow their customers, so we will analyse the customer engagement data and help them to identify the best products to sell to those consumers at the right time or the right product or sequence of products. Customers have an expectation when they share their data with brands that they trust that those brands will use that data to market to them appropriately, so with the right products, things they're interested about and at the right time. And we help our clients to do that and to optimise the customer engagement process."

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