Marketing communications strategy in the digital economy

Author: Ed Fuller, James Kirk

Categories: Marketing Strategy
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Marketing communications strategy has changed a lot over the past 40 years, as Ed Fuller of Marriott Lodging International discusses in this TV show.

Marketing communications strategy -  The biggest change in 40 year career

In 40 years the industry has changed, the business model has changed,  but the marketing certainly has dramatically changed. In the early days in the 70s and 80s, business was done primarily through direct sales, magazine marketing and the like. I won't take you through the 40 years but if you go to today the internet is a key player and Marriott happens to be number 7 in the world not of hotels but number 7 in its marketing through the internet based on global sales. And as a result we compete with the Amazons and the others in that category. That means that we anticipated that particular change and took advantage of it. We are working right now trying to understand the next technology and obviously we are in the middle of  social media, trying to understand how we can influence by utilising social media. We will continue to see changes in that channel, yet technology has given us the ability to have over 34 million Marriott rewards players, has given us the chance to continue to dominate the market as far as selling to travel agents through the global distribution system. Technology has been an enabler for the marketing side of our world, yet we still have to do business one to one in direct selling. Specifically in groups and area such as those. We will continue to do that, I think into the foreseeable future. But media today is not on the traditional routes in most of the world. There are still some parts of the world where the newspaper and the magazine are extremely popular. In the Middle East. And we have adjusted regionally to those transitioning areas.

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