Marketing planning on the right platforms

Author: Bob Barker, James Kirk

Categories: OmniChannel, Online Shopping, Physical vs Online, Social
Tags: platform optimization, traditional marketing

Marketing planning should incorporate both traditional and digital elements, as Bob Barker explains in this TV show.

Marketing planning: getting it in balance

So marketing is always three things.

It’s about traditional marketing, you can’t ignore that.

It’s about online, it’s about your website, and it’s about social these days, right, because people are sharing stuff online, customers are in control, so you can’t ignore that bit of it. So people are having the conversation.

They’re also expecting that when they really want to know about your company they will come to a decent website, understand your content, be able to transact with you, understand the company, and all the rest of it.

But they also want the traditional part of it.

So if they want a brochure, they want to have a physical event. So you have to balance all that lot.

And social is that technology now that goes across all those layers.

So if you’re at the event you need to let people know that you’re at the event and do something about networking and all these tools like highlight or whatever it is while you’re at the event.

But if you’re on the digital platform they need to be making sure that it’s optimized for content and people are linking to that content, and people are recommending that content from the company that you’re with so that you’re using employees as a channel there.

And then from a social perspective you need to find the people that are going to be good at creating content and being out there, and connecting out there, and being the experts for you in that social realm on the subjects that you focus on.


It is important to be aware of technological changes, and the development of the connected economy to achieve good marketing planning. Connected Economy TV will continue to bring you useful content for your business.

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