Mass customisation the future with 3D printing

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Categories: Future of Retail
Tags: 3D printing, Lego, Portland Design Associates Ltd
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "That shift from merchandise to mementos I think is really, really key.  So a memento of that experience, so what you’ll be getting from shops beyond collecting your goods is something you can’t buy online, it will be something which will be customised, it will be something that’s made for you.  I think one thing that will make that change will be 3D printing.  I think 3D printing is tantamount to industrial revolution, I think it will allow and it will deliver to customers and to retailers, complete and utter mass customisation, where every product you buy can be customised and be different for you.  So as I say, it turns manufacture, it turns consumerism and it turns retail on its head.  And now you can buy a 3D printer for $1400.  I used to use them as a designer to make models of the things that we used to design for clients.  And to make one model used to cost £20,000, it was called stereo lithography, now it’s called 3D printing.  And it’s going to completely change the notion of what a shop could be.  And think about what a Lego shop can be in the future.  Think about are you going to go in and buy plastic pieces or is a Lego shop a design studio where you go in and you design a toy and it’s made there in front of you.  More importantly are you going to design a toy and buy that toy as software over the net, have it at home and print it at home? So start now projecting that into other categories and into other retailers and think about what 3D printing will do in the next decade.  So if we’re talking about a decade time, they’re the kind of things we should be talking about."
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