Mobile shopping growing exponentially

Author: Carmel Allen

Categories: Mobile & Cloud
Tags: facebook, GDR Creative Intelligence
Carmel Allen: "The things that are going to make a difference tomorrow, mobile phones, just using your mobile phone and your smartphone to buy.  At the moment I see myself using it to buy tickets and for travel and for buying books, but not much more complicated purchases than that.  I’m sure by the end of Christmas I’ll have done a lot more shopping on my phone.  And certainly seeing my daughter use my phone, it’s quite phenomenal how fast they are to adopt it.  So I think the mobile phone, not just shopping from it but using that phone in store, whether it’s taking a picture of a dress, sending it home, sharing it with a friend, whether it’s facebooking while I’m in a store, getting discounts pushed to me while I’m in store with my mobile phone and paying with it of course."
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