Mobile technology means quick decision-making

Author: Sir Nigel Knowles, James Kirk

Categories: Mobile & Cloud
Tags: CEOs, decision-making, smartphones
Mobile technology has changed the amount of time that CEOs have to make decisions and respond to clients. Sir Nigel Knowles shares his experiences in this TV show.

Mobile Technology - Dangers in immediacy of modern day decision-making

Business decisions are often now immediate. Through mobile phones, Blackberrys and iPads and everything else, you are now required to, well your clients expect to send you an email one minute and expect you to reply a few minutes later. That's good and bad. First of all it maintains momentum when you get the job completed. But sometimes it takes out the ability to reflect. And sometimes it occurs to me that decisions are better having been slept on or thought about for a couple of hours. Therefor I believe there is always a slight danger of immediacy sometimes making an 80% right decision, when sometimes its a judgement call you could get 90 or 95% right decision if you were just given a couple of hours to think about it. But that's life. ______________________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video about the mobile technology and decision making, why not watch more TV shows on the Connected Economy channel?
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