Multi-channel retail measurement difficult to achieve

Author: Robin Bevan

Categories: Future of Retail, Marketing Strategy
Tags: Javelin Group
Robin Bevan: "Organisationally within retail, there is still a huge amount of change to come.  And a couple of examples of that, one is the way in which retailers need to understand their business models.  So traditionally it’s been, up to now, many retailers still tend to think in a slightly siloed way about the sales that e-commerce generates and sales that stores generate.  And clearly, given the fact that consumers are dipping in and out in between channels as part of the same purchase, that’s a slightly way of understanding what’s really driving value for you as a business.  So understanding that consumers are shopping in that way, retail businesses need to start picking apart their value chain a little bit in order to guide them as to where is the most appropriate place to invest their funds and what sort of return on investment to achieve.  So all of these things and there’s lots of others as well, have big, big implications on retailers in terms of the changes they need to make to their business model, to their organisation and to the way that they communicate with their customers."  
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