New consumer will expect natural interfaces for everyday interactions

Author: Joshua Blake, James Kirk (

Categories: next gen consumerization
I think what we are going to see is technology becoming more and more integrated with our lives and becoming more and more natural part of our everyday interactions.  We are not even going to think about computers as computers anymore, they are just going to be part of our environment, our homes, our offices are going to be smart and realise who is in the room, who is talking to each other, who is talking to the intelligent agent that runs the conference room and just let us interact with computers like we interact with each other.  They are going to become more smarter and more intelligent. I think big corporations and enterprises need to keep an eye on these types of technologies because this really what people are going to expect.  The upcoming generation of workers and consumers and other businesses are going to expect more natural interaction, easier ways to interact with computers and if you are still doing what we had been doing 30 years ago then you are going to be left behind so you really need to keep an eye on these types of technologies to see what is possible and what is going to be happening.
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