Nike Plus just one good example of effective co-creation plaftorm

Author: Venkat Ramaswamy, James Kirk (

Categories: co-creation
One of the examples I use in the book is that of Nike, that is a good example from the products it is offering perspective, they have created this thing called Nike Plus, it is a classic example and it is a platform that is actually embedded in the activities of the yellow side of runners in that particular instance. So today of course you can have apps to keep track of your running and so forth but this platform actually facilitates the whole community of runners and going back to our discussion in terms of them creating new types of experiences, getting connected to their own running experience and also sharing that experience along with the community, so that is one example. There are also other examples in terms of entities like local motors creating a platform to actually design cars together with a community of engineers all the way from the whole design to the delivery of the car and then actually using that platform in other ways to actually create new products and services for other enterprises and you also have examples of enterprises bringing the yellow into the blues kitchen so to speak in terms of actually designing products and services together with consumers and other entities and then on the purely inside part, across functions creating platforms to engage and break those silos inside the organisation across functions and I think while people have traditionally tried to do a lot of that, for those platforms, again going back to its not just the platform, it is only as good as the experience it creates. So it is very important to not only focus on those experiences but actually bring the actual lived experiences off the platform into the design of the platform together with the people, so it is very important to design those environments which goes way beyond just getting feedback and actually designing components of the platform together with a subset of those individuals to make the platform better over time. In all the examples the companies that have done that, you see that whether it is the platform's inside cross functions, cross employees or it is supplier facing or customer facing wherever it might be, that the platform becomes very effective in the sense that value is actualised from the perspective of the yellow so it is designing it to intensify the value creation process and actually create real outcomes of value as experienced by the individuals.  I think that is the shift rather than some notion of value that we might have and you get feedback and we try to make some changes so co-creation is very real.  
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