Offline vs. online data

Author: John Halpin

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics
Tags: Tesco
John Halpin: "Is there a difference between data offline and data online?  If there is, what is the differences and are they used differently?  And basically the answer is no.  The channel is what’s different, offline and online.  Data being captured from either source is relevant and very useful.  And again, back to joining all this together.  Organisation sometimes miss that point where their online presence is, what they do and it’s very different from the offline.  But I always try and think about it as a customer, of an organisation, I don’t really care if I email an organisation or phone them up, if both sides of that sort of organisation understand what’s happened, I’m really impressed.  You emailed us last week Mr Halpin.  Christ, how did he know that?  That’s really impressive.  It’s joining that all together.  It doesn’t really matter about the channels, about joining all that information together."  
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