One object will dominate future commerce

Author: Graeme Codrington

Categories: Future of Retail
Tags: 3D printing, TomorrowToday
GRAEME CODRINGTON: "One of the most remarkable technologies of the next few years is going to be something called 3D printing.  If you haven’t seen this, do a quick Google search or do a search on YouTube for some 3D printing examples and be prepared to have your mind blown.  This is literally taking something the size of an old inkjet printer and instead of using ink cartridges you use cartridges with composite materials or plastics or even molten metal and you literally print out physical products and objects layer by layer.  And within 20 minutes you’ve got a usable object, you could have a glass if you’re inviting people over for dinner and you don’t have enough glasses, you just print them out and 20 minutes time you’ve got a glass or two extra.  Now, if you can think that we could have a factory in our kitchens in every home well that’s going to have a huge impact on the manufacturing industries, on China and all the other Asian countries who are giving us cheap manufacturing now, with huge impact, shipping and logistics.  So there’s a whole scud of industries that could be affected by just one invention, by just one object.  And that object is coming soon to a home near you."  
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