Online shopping has long way to go

Author: Karolin Forsling

Categories: Future of Retail, Mobile & Cloud, Online Shopping, Physical vs Online
Tags: AMF fastigheter
Karolin Forsling: "What I think is hard, is that the retailers, we are always talking about we want to be online and connect the digital world and the real world.  But I find this hard because we talk about it but I have seen a few good examples about how we can actually do it.  And we had an idea for example that if you have a gallery of 60 stores, you will shop on it, online, and say, I want these trousers, these sweaters, and when you come to the shopping place you can actually have an own dressing room, and you can have all the clothes.  And then you have a personal shopper with you who says, “Okay, you clicked on this, your collection is here, but let me know if I could supply you with anything else.”  Then you have the stores and I had done, as a consumer, shopped in every store, not just one brand, one store, but the whole area that the gallery actually can give me.  But I go there physically to try it on and then I just pay with my smart phone and I go off.  It could be an example about how we can do it."  
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