Organisations struggle to unlock the intelligence

Author: James Kirk, John Halpin

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Marketing Strategy
Tags: Clubcard, Nectar, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Tesco Bank
John Halpin: "Not great, I would say, in the life of the UK economy, certain areas and certain industries may be a bit better, but not that great.  A lot of businesses will talk about being customer centric, you hear a lot of them talk about this.  And you’re not empowering the customer, putting the customer at the heart of the business.  But the technology behind that statement and the interaction of how to do it is very difficult.  And if you’re a big organisation, if you’re a big bank, if you’re a big retailer, you know, if you’re a big pharmaceutical, doing all that is going to cost a lot of money.  So we’re not that great, there’s lots of data being captured.  I just read a snap this morning, 90% of all data captured on systems has been captured in the last two years.  So 90% in the last two years, so my career being 20 years, it’s only basically been 10%.  And 90% has been captured in the last two years.  How you unlock that and how you use that is very difficult.  And a lot of organisations, again, where I see and I’ve done this before as a consultancy, you go in, and you say, “The reason why Tesco has been very successful with Clubcard, because they know who the customers are and they know what their shopping behaviour is.”  That kind of thing is the same with Sainsbury’s on Nectar card.  They know who their customers are.  So using that information, that’s what you need really to drive profit and drive trade and drive insight, get to know your customers, find out who they are.  And that’s what we have to capture this, rather than, to me, rather than capturing transactional information, understanding the metrics.  If you don’t know who the person is behind it, you’re going to struggle."  
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