Outside-In catches Raytheon’s attention

Author: Jay Jarrett, James Kirk (

Categories: LEF, outside-in strategy
Raytheon is, we are about a 25 billion dollar global business and we are in aerospace and defence, we do a lot of other kind of civilian agency type stuff such as aircraft control, landing systems in airports and there are some other civilian agency type solutions that we do but we do a lot of defence – it is kind of what we are known for, patriot missiles, missile Well I was coming to LEF forums I worked there in the DC area, I come every time you guys have this.  I still get the invites.  I really like these forums, the Outside-In has been something that you guys have been talking about for a few years and it really caught my attention a few years back when it first came up in one of your reports and so when I saw that you were focusing on it for this session I really wanted to come down and hear a little bit more.  
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