Passion for customer with 30yrs experience

Author: Nigel Palmer, James Kirk

Categories: Customer Engagement
Tags: Avancer Management, Debenhams
Nigel Palmer: "I’ve spent 30 years in retail in department stores, primarily with Debenhams, British department store group, who have got a lot of international stores as well.  My role for the last 10 years on the Debenhams board was the retail director looking after all the shops in the UK and Ireland and all the people, prior to that I was design and development director and prior to that a home shopping director running the innovations business.  My passion is the people and the reaction with the customer, the rest of is it a means to getting the product to that customer.  I was fortunate to be able to finish that role after 27 years at Debenhams.  And I’ve been investing in some smaller businesses.  And I suppose I’ve had my mind opened up from big corporate life to how people are building businesses in difficult times, where they start now, where you might not have started if you’d got a legacy property, legacy systems, legacy brands as it were.  So it’s very, very refreshing to see, and also young people but people with new ideas."
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