Purchase journeys impacted by technology

Author: David Walker

Categories: Customer Engagement, Online Research, Physical vs Online
Tags: Incite
David Walker: “There’s no one point of sale now, I think.  When, when we look at research - purchase journeys, technology is where I work, purchase journey and technology. There isn’t the store, it's not doing the traditional store role now.  The store is part of a journey.  There’s a journey that starts maybe with your friends and family, that starts then with an Internet search, that starts then with a You Tube review, and starting to whittle back down.  The store, the actual physical point of sale, may be the very end point in a journey and actually all it is is confirmation of a decision that I’ve already made, weeks ago.

I think there’s still a role for the sales person and the point of sale material to do that, but it’s got to convince me, it’s got to be quite a convincing argument.  You’ve got to change my mind, rather than guide me.  I’ve made an idea.  This is the kind of thing I’m looking for, I’ve got two or three options on the table.  You know, to really divert me, you’ve probably got to catch me earlier on in the journey."

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