Raytheon: IT needs to get embedded with the consumer world

Author: Jay Jarrett, James Kirk (

Categories: digital change
The consumer world has had a large impact.  It used to be that defence led everything and now it is kind of the other way around.  When we go in and we are talking to our customers about very complex lanyard systems they expect us in there with the most current consumer technology, iPads, showing demos on iPads and things like that so we have had to really ramp up and accelerate adoption of consumer technologies much more quickly than we had to 10 or 15 years ago. From an IT perspective, the IT organisation has had to work more closely with our customers and engage with our customers a lot more on really understanding the needs and desires and not just that the IT wants to do the upgrade of the next thing but really getting more deeply embedded with our customers and understanding their needs from a technology perspective and how we can understand their needs and enable them to deliver the solution to our customers cheaper and faster.
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