Sensorware gathers valuable customer data for FedEx

Author: Edd Dumbill, James Kirk (

Categories: data disruption
Another great, good example, somewhat different really from the Walmart analytics example is FedEx and how they use big data.  I think it's quite well known that routing all their packages is a huge, big data problem, but one of the aspects of their business that interests me is a product they have called SensorWare.  Now, SensorWare is a sensor platform that you can ship in your package, if it's high value such as medical supplies that you really care about, and they'll monitor temperature, humidity, has the package been opened, GPS location, altitude and so on.  So this is a big data product, and they've been able to provide this because of their existing investment in a platform that they can then bolt in to and use that. But the really interesting thing about this is that as they instrument their customers' deliveries, they don't restrict to just FedEx shipments, anybody on any air carrier, or on their own fleet, so they're also mapping out the usage patterns of their customers, learning what the customers want, what the customers value, and further identifying  opportunities for growth.  
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