Slimming down Big Data at Aimia

Author: Susan Doniz, James Kirk (

Categories: data disruption
The digitalisation trend is very relevant. When you think more and more about loyalty, loyalty can sometimes be in any place at any time. So sometimes it's on the go and sometimes it's sitting on your couch at home. So being able to cater to people across the different channels, and sometimes although you might be very digital, you don’t want to be digital when you're at home, you want to have letters. So you could be a different persona, in different parts of the world, and our clients and our members often want things served to them in the way that they most want at that point in time. Secondly, there's a trend for people to have all the data, so to do everything they can with the data. That's not necessarily what we want to do, we want to slim things down. So we talk a lot about small data versus big data. Is what you really want to do is get to something that's really personal and relevant for people, which actually means reducing the amount of communications but increasing the relevance to them. So I think there's a predisposition to increase the amount of communication and try to make it relevant but not really hitting the mark. So I think that's what our clients are most asking for and what we're most trying to look at.  
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