Social media usage improving cultural identity

Author: Prof. Ian Goldin, James Kirk (

Categories: Social
Tags: Brands, cultural identity, digital communities, globalisation, Levis, McDonalds
Social media usage can work in a number of different ways, it is very powerful and can fulfil specific functions as Professor Ian Goldin discusses in this TV show,

Social media usage and globalisation

As these networks proliferate I think some will become powerful and some will become very functional. So if you are running a marathon in your town and you want to hook up with people running a marathon in your town, that's fantastic. These bring people together. They also interestingly enough lead to a real improvement within globalization of cultural identity. The French were very worried that globalisation would lead to everyone say having to eat hamburgers from McDonalds and wear Levis but what this has done, is it has lead to the recreation of real identity, and some identities which were almost lost like the Armenian identity has been recreated through social networks, languages are being kept alive through social networks. So there's some very very positive forces which are interesting in globalisation which make things actually more local and more culturally resonant than we might have imagined.     Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around social media usage and there are more TV shows from Professor Ian Goldin
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