Social media usage is today’s reality

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 Social media usage has become a normal part of life and businesses should be using it as a way to understand customers. In this TV Don Pepper explains why ignoring the conversation is 1950s thinking.

Social media usage in business

Today, if you don't pay attention to your customer engagement, then what that means is you're not paying attention to the conversation. You're not paying attention to what your customers are saying about you, to each other. You're not engaged in that yourself. You're not paying attention to the level of attractiveness that your brand--. I mean what kind of brand manager would not want to know how engaged his customers are. I don't know, a brand manager in the 1950s maybe, I don't know. You're not in Kansas now. This is reality. Facebook and MySpace and YouTube and Flickr and LinkedIn and Orkut and all of the other kinds of social media sites. It's different. It's different now.

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