Technology infrastructure enhances hospitality experience

Technology infrastructure enhances hospitality experience

Author: Gerald Lawless, James Kirk (

Tags: CRM, Dubai, F&B, Food and beverage, Jumeirah, loyalty programmes, Wi-Fi
Technology infrastructure can be built into a businesses plan in a way that enhances a service. In hospitality it is all about people and their experiences, as Gerald Lawless explains in this TV show.

Technology infrastructure at Jumeirah

To me technology must enhance the guest experience. It must enhance everything you do within your business. Sure it makes it more efficient. But we use technology very much to try to (a) to recognise the guest better, but also to recognise that some guests don’t necessarily always want to be addressed by their name for example. Some guests like to be anonymous if they’re staying in a business type hotel, and yet if they come back with their family they like a bit of a fuss. Technology helps us to be able to manage that. But also make sure that we keep our customers connected to us through CRM and particularly our loyalty programme is very strong, very technologically based. And actually is based on a cash spend foundation rather than just a number of stays. So it means we encourage guests to stay in our hotels, to use our food and beverage facilities, as Jumeirah is known for its food and beverage. We’ve over 110 restaurants and bars in Dubai alone. So we’re very much into food and beverage which I think is an essential part of a hotel operation. Within our limousines now in Dubai and we’re going to spread it around the world, all of our limousines have Wi-Fi. So the guests can connect in free of charge, can now start very soon go onto the mobile web where they’ll be able to check-in as well into the hotel. We’re developing our new updated website, which we think will be extremely cutting edge, making it very easy to book online, to understand what the company’s about, have an almost virtual reality experience of the destination and of our hotels before you actually go there.   Connected Economy TV will continue to explore issues around the implementation of new digital technology infrastructure.