Technology is now everyone’s responsibility

Author: Richard Davies, James Kirk (

Categories: outside-in strategy
Well, we've been having our executive forum, the US event based in Washington DC.  The purpose of the whole event is to try and give our customers a sense of what we mean by outside in, and how the world at large is changing, primarily through information technology.  So how is that going to change our customers, the way their firms are organised, and more importantly, the skills they are going to need to really be valuable and more importantly, be, grow the firm in future, so some really big issues around the people, some really big big issues around the skills and some really big issues around the organisational design. Feedback's been great, I mean, the feedback's been very much one of I'm really empowered in the sense that I can see the future, I can see you know, what I'm meant to be doing to make this happen in my organisation, and I think what's really noticeable now is that we're seeing it less of being of a question of well I'm in this silo, and I'm in that silo, and more is, you know this is everyone's responsibility.  Technology is pervasive, and therefore to do great things with technology, create new products, new services, you know, it's everyone's responsibility. And why not?  Why shouldn't it be the responsibility of the CIO and his or her leadership team as much as it's the responsibility of someone from marketing, or someone from HR. And that's a real takeaway overhead at the conference today.  
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