Technology management in enterprise

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk

Categories: Future of Work, Staff
Tags: consumerisation, employees, management, technology, working relationships
Technology management within a business structure has changed as employees often have more knowledge than CIO's. In this TV show David Moschella offers his perspective.

Technology management - The consumerisation of  IT

Yeah, enterprise IT in our view grew up in what we call the IT nanny state. And that basically controlled all of the use of technology in the firm, and in very many ways looked at the employee in almost a parent child relationship. But as IT has become consumerised many employees do things with technology that CIOs don’t know about and don’t understand nearly as well as the people doing them do. So they’ve had to come to accept that we’re now in a much more what we call a co-creation environment where employees who know a lot about technology are extremely valuable to the firm and therefore they need to be supported. _________________________________________________________ The Connected Economy channel has plenty more shows that consider technology management and other technology issues.
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