The Age of Wonder

Author: Edd Dumbill, James Kirk (

Categories: Age of Wonder - Time of War, mapping and wonder

We may not know exactly what the future holds, but we can predict roughly what's going to happen.  A cycle of product evolution, leading to commoditisation in the utility services, and when things become plentiful in the utility sense, new things become possible.  There's an example when compute becomes utility in the and the Amazon web services sense. The whole of Silicon Valley start-ups of the last five years can kind of become possible building on that.  And so we know and we can make a few bets based on those kind of things.  So the point of the Age of Wonder is to say, great, this is a great theory, let's try it out.  Let's pick various areas, such as currency, tax, and so on, and say, well let's use the model and predict a bit of the future, and show business some of the ways in which the world as we know it today is going to be radically changed in the next decade.

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