The connected digital economy is a global revolution

Author: Graeme Codrington, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, connection revolution, Future of Work
Tags: AI, machine intelligence, robots
The Connected digital economy is a global revolution like the industrial revolution as discussed in this new business TV show from Graeme Codrington.

Connected digital economy set to revolutionise business

In the industrial age, as before that in the agrarian age, in the age of farming the people who either owned the land or owned the factories or worked on the land or worked in the factories, they were the people who were in charge. Those were your assets, physical ability. What we’ve done over the last 100 years is replaced peoples' physical needs in terms of what we need from them physically with machines, you know, the combined harvester and the container and the robots in factories. And then for the last 50 years we have plowed our resources, as human beings we’ve become clever by being clever. We have moved into the information age where your mental ability is what sets you apart from other people. Now, somebody who was gifted at birth, not by my choice, but was gifted with a reasonable intelligence and a nice IQ and a middle class family that could get me through university, that’s been brilliant. I’ve been able to use my brain to make money, but unfortunately right now computers are about to do to me what robots and machines did to my farm working, factory working uncles and grandparents They’re about to make me redundant because they can think faster than I can. They can think more than I can. They don’t need to take a break to eat or sleep or all the other things I like to do. The question is what’s next? You see if we’ve used machines to replace our bodies, our physical strength and now we’re using machines to replace our minds, there’s only one step left and that’s our emotions, the soul if you like, inside of us. And that’s why I believe we’re heading into a connection economy, because computers can’t do that, not yet. I’m not saying they never will, but probably not in my lifetime. That ability connect with other people, that ability to engage, to have relationships, that ability to be in another person’s life, not just sending information, engage with the data point but actually engage with a person, that’s vital. Connected Economy TV will continue to explore the connected digital economy revolution, with new shows added daily.  
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