The connection economy is generational

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The connection economy is normal for generation Y and organisations should embrace this, as Keith Coates discusses in this TV Show.

The connection economy in the workplace

The war for talent leads to a generational gap, if you like, around how people view information, how they access information and how they make decisions and that’s where the whole technology piece comes in.

So you’re dealing increasingly with a generation, inside and outside of your business, who are using technology to make the decisions, to get their information, and when they step into organisations they expect to have access to that technology, they expect the platforms to be there, but often they walk into mind sets and policies that don’t allow them to be who they are.

It’s a little bit like me going into the Board Room of elderly people and saying ‘no books, no journals, no newspapers, banned’.  They’d look at you and say ‘but that’s what we do, that’s how we get our information’.

And so policies that restrict access to the internet and Facebook and the social media platforms is sending out exactly the same message to a generation for whom that is normal, that is how they live their lives, that’s how they switch on and switch off, that’s how they connect.  And my concern is often a lack of understanding around this kind of basic framework and difference of working and paradox, which is what it really is, a generational paradox around work and around technology that, because it’s not understood, we make very poor decisions in that and we alienate the people that we should be engaging.

This TV channel is all about the connection economy and we have plenty more expert discussion to come.

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