The impact of consumerisation on IT strategy

Author: Douglas Neal, James Kirk (

Categories: blowing industries apart
During our consumerisation work we have spent a lot of time looking at the relationship between the enterprise and its employees. We have been particularly concerned about the fact that these employees now are much smarter about technology, they own much of the kit, and in fact they have access to a rich source of service on the web. But when you at an employee and turn them sideways you realise every employee is also a customer. In fact what companies now have to contend with is, now the customers now more about technology, own much of the kit and have access to resources. That is a different kettle of fish because if it’s only about employees and bring your own device, then it’s really an issue of something that IT has to worry about. With occasional anxiety from the board. But its customers, and customers are a concern to everyone form the CEO down and up. So we see a big change in that customers are now being affected by this and that’s why we are embarking on our project with Professor Venkat Ramaswamy around co-creation, were we see people actually working together to create the experience of employees and of customers rather than the company simply producing a product and then the customer having only one choice, which is to buy or not buy. So going forward we see companies having to work with many other third parties to actually make things work for the customer, and that’s going to be called co-creation, and that’s going to be a big change.
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