The scary thing about what’s happening in Silicon Valley

Author: Edd Dumbill, James Kirk (

Categories: data disruption, Silicon Valley
I think one of the most pressing and scary things about data and what business needs to understand is that, fundamentally, it's probably easier to teach business skills to 'quants'. Right, it's easier to teach business to data people, than it is to teach data to business people.  And this is why we're seeing a Silicon Valley, we have this great data and computation machine being applied to successive industry verticals, as they understand the power of what they've got.  So business needs to do its best to deepen the technology.  Not in the sense of knowing the nuts and bolts, but knowing its characteristics of scaling, of cost base, of its capabilities, of the power of the platform. I think, you know, when the chief source of what people perceive as disruption is really the effects of progressive digitisation.  When something becomes digital, it immediately becomes tractable by software, which means, you know, orders of magnitude lower cost, orders of magnitude faster speed.  And so many of these things we think of as disruption are artefacts of digitisation.  So understanding what happens when a field of endeavour is digitised and taking those principles from one field and applying them to another is going to be a key skill.
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