The security behind keeping data

Author: John Halpin

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics
Tags: Tesco Bank
John Halpin: “A lot of people talk about big data and you see that quite a lot.  But one thing I think that is big for me is more the security of that and sort of how secure is an organisation with your data?  You know, again people, and people become more empowered. I’ve used that phrase a few times now, within their own data. Potentially legislation, the government might bring in where, organisations have to have permission to store data.  It’s really interesting.  But in terms of security, and how that’s governed, and again specifically on financial services, we’ve got very rigorous controls around security and risk in terms of how the data’s stored and captured and how it’s given out.  So for example, for credit cards, we’ve got a good thing called PCI compliance, which basically means we’ve got to mash up the credit number, it can’t be visible, this kind of thing, because that’s a key piece of information.  But you do see, you’re starting to see things in the news where companies get fined for, some poor bloke in an organisation threw away a manual with customer details in, threw away an old CD with customer details into a bin, it wasn’t encrypted.  Someone’s found the CD.  It’s got 10,000 records on there with someone’s credit card details.  Companies, they get fined five million pounds just based on that, so it’s massive.  So to me it’s all round about security and how that all links in and about permissions for customers."  
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